When you engage us to do copywriting, we will produce an article on a topic (e.g. social media marketing tips), a document to for a specific purpose (e.g. personal statement), a research paper, or a monograph. We will conduct the necessary research and write using a style and tone that will most likely resonate with your target audience.

Copywriting rate

Our copywriting rate ranges from $60 – $120 an hour. The cost of copywriting depends on the amount of research required, the difficulty level of the subject matter to be written, and the requested turnaround time.

We will give you a quotation following a discussion of your copywriting requirements. The quoted price is all-inclusive without any further hidden costs.

Copywriting Sample (blog post)

We offer an original copywriting sample below produced by one of our copywriters for you to get a sense of our copywriting abilities.

The #1 rule for success in social media marketing

Every dollar counts in your social media budget. How can you make sure that every dollar is well-spent to achieve success? The #1 rule for success in social media marketing is: know thy audience.

The audience is at the center of all successful social media marketing campaigns. Your messages, plans, and strategies have to cater to the audience to succeed. Boomers, Gen X, and millennials have very different social media platform preferences and the content that appeals to one group may not work for another. Gender, education, and ethnicity are other profiles that needs to be considered too.

Therefore, to succeed in social media marketing, identifying the target audience profile is mission-critical to ensure that every dollar spent on social media marketing is money well-spent. By accurately profiling the audience, limited marketing dollars can be channeled to producing content that specifically targets them instead of a scattershot-and-pray-it-works approach.

Remember, content is king. The audience will only engage with your social media marketing campaign if your content intrigues and interests them. There is only one secret formula to audience engagement: compelling content that speaks to them. Use your audience profile to predict what they like. Find creative and experienced content creators and pay them well to generate content that interests your audience.

As the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

If you want to succeed in social media marketing, the #1 rule is: know thy audience. There is also the #2 rule: read rule #1 again.

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