Manuscript Evaluation

A manuscript evaluation gives you a professional, independent opinion about its quality and the chances that it will pass a desk editor’s initial assessment. This is especially critical for manuscripts intended for publication in top-tier academic journals because the desk editors at these journals receive a large volume of submissions, resulting in a high desk-rejection rate.

Desk rejection can occur for several reasons. The content fit of the manuscript is often the number one reason. The number two reason is often writing quality, especially if you are not a native English speaker, or you did not receive formal writing instruction. A poorly written manuscript is difficult to understand and the arguments do not stand out, which results in the manuscript appearing much less intellectually stimulating than it really is.

Our editors are also published authors of academic manuscripts in top journals and have helped clients edit manuscripts that pass desk editors’ reviews at top journals. By submitting your manuscript for an evaluation, you can have greater certainty about your chances of receiving a desk-rejection at a top journal and can better decide how to further improve the manuscript if necessary.

Manuscript Evaluation Rate

We charge a flat rate of $350 for manuscript evaluation (10,000 words maximum, inclusive of references and appendices). We will produce a report summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript in terms of its writing quality, the persuasiveness of its arguments, and whether the arguments are intellectually stimulating.

Interested in having your manuscript evaluated?