Writing Consultation

There is no shortage of skilled copyeditors and copywriters. We are not the only folks in the business. While we are happy to provide our wordsmithing expertise to you, we also hope that you can become a wordsmith yourself. At The Write Flow, we believe that:

Give a person a copyeditor or copywriter and you will only help for a day; teach the person how to write well and you will help for a lifetime.

In line with our belief, our wordsmiths offer online writing consultations through Zoom. We can explain common issues of grammar, word choice, sentence structures and content flow in an easy-to-understand way. Once you understand exactly what your weaknesses are, you will be able to correct them on your own and become a much better writer.

Our wordsmiths are also experienced writing instructors who have many years of experience teaching writing at the college levels, training college students for careers in journalism, public relations, and academia. Our writing consultation services are particularly well-suited for individuals who learn English as a second language (ESL). 

From our consultation experience, those who learn ESL often struggle with applying rules of standard English writing because of the interference of the grammatical structure of their native language. In addition, they also struggle with appropriate word choices because they are unable to comprehend the nuances between words that are broadly similar in meaning.

Our writing consultants are native speakers in English and at least one other language. They understand the writing struggles of non-native English speakers and can accurately diagnose issues arising from both the interference of their native tongue and the inability to appreciate the differences in nuances of word choices.

Writing Consultation Rate

Our ad-hoc writing consultation rate is $150 per one-hour block. If you require extensive consultation, we can specially customize a package for you. Please get in touch with us with details of your requirements.

Interested in learning how to improve your writing?